About Bianca

Ok so first things first, addressing the elephant in the room. I'm sure you didn't know my name was Bianca. So why Leia Fae? Well my full name is Bianca-Leigh Fae Burgess. Hopefully that explains it... if not you can ask me more when we meet!

So Hi!!!

I'm so glad you found me in this little corner of the internet. Here's a little about me.

The first thing you need to know is that I am empathy personified. Understanding people is what I do best. When you walk down the isle I will be shooting away. But you can bet I'll be using all my will to hold back the tears as well.

That will also mean that I get super excited for you on your special day or shoot. Like REALLY EXCITED it is a total honour that you've chosen me to capture these moments. And I will laugh my head off (and have a dance) with you when your bridal party get a little rowdy at the end of the night!

So come say hi! Lets grab a coffee!